Uncover Northern Wonders

Northern Coastal Charms

Explore the cultural and natural wonders of Sri Lanka’s North Coast, where ancient ruins, colorful fishing villages, and pristine beaches await. Dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of this enchanting region.

Delft Island

Known as ‘Pasuthivu’ or ‘Nedunthivu’ by locals, Delft Island is steeped in colonial history and natural splendor. Home to wild horses descended from Portuguese times, this windswept paradise invites exploration of its vast grassy plains and tranquil shores.

Mannar Island

Mannar Island, with its rugged terrain and historic landmarks, beckons travelers to uncover its secrets. Explore Mannar Fort, a testament to Dutch colonial legacy, and marvel at the unique coral reef connecting it to the Indian peninsula.


Nestled off the coast of the Jaffna Peninsula, Nainativu enchants visitors with its sacred sites and ancient legends. Pay homage at Nagadeepa Buddha Temple, believed to have been visited by Lord Buddha, and marvel at the timeless grandeur of Nagapooshani Hindu Temple.


Discover the vibrant city of Jaffna, a melting pot of culture and history in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province. Explore the imposing Dutch Fort, elegant British colonial buildings, and iconic Hindu temples, each bearing testimony to the city’s rich heritage.
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