Bandarawela, nestled in the Badulla District of the Uva Province, Sri Lanka, is a picturesque town located 28 km from Badulla. Blessed with a mild climate owing to its higher altitude, Bandarawela attracts visitors year-round, making it a favored destination for family vacations. Positioned approximately 200 km from Colombo and 125 km from Kandy, two of Sri Lanka’s capital cities, Bandarawela is easily accessible by both road and rail, offering convenient transportation options for travelers. With its colonial charm and lush surroundings, Bandarawela has emerged as a hub for eco-tourism, appealing to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Among its notable heritage sites is the ancient Dhowa Buddhist rock temple, founded by King Walagamba in the first century BC. Situated along the Badulla-Bandarawela highway, approximately 6 km from the city center, this temple boasts a magnificent 38 ft (12 m) Buddha image carved from rock, accompanied by paintings dating back to the Kandyan era, depicting various Jataka stories. Additionally, visitors can explore historic landmarks such as the Roman Catholic Church, St. Anthony’s Church, and Methodist Church, each contributing to the town’s rich cultural tapestry.

The livelihood of Bandarawela’s residents revolves primarily around agriculture, with a significant focus on vegetable cultivation and tea plantation. The region is dotted with vast tea estates managed by both private and government entities, producing high-quality tea sought after in the global market. Amidst the verdant landscapes and serene atmosphere, Bandarawela offers a glimpse into Sri Lanka’s rich agricultural heritage and scenic beauty, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its tranquil surroundings and vibrant culture.