Arugam Bay

Nestled along Sri Lanka’s enchanting southeast coast lies Arugam Bay, a picturesque bay embraced by the Indian Ocean. Situated approximately 320 km due east of Colombo, this idyllic destination, locally known as “Ullai,” has emerged as a beloved surfing and tourist hotspot. Arugam Surf Point, renowned for its long and consistent right-hand break, attracts surfers from around the globe seeking the ultimate wave-riding experience.

In mid-2010, Arugam Bay made waves on the international surfing scene as the host of its inaugural ASP surf contest, drawing top surfers like Australian Julian Wilson. The success of the event prompted ASP to repeat the contest tour in 2011, introducing a women’s competition alongside the men’s longboard championship, further solidifying Arugam Bay’s reputation as a premier surfing destination.

Beyond its acclaimed surfing spots, Arugam Bay offers a plethora of attractions for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Embark on a tranquil lagoon tour or immerse yourself in the vibrant birdlife of the region through birdwatching excursions. For wildlife enthusiasts, elephant watching opportunities abound, while the nearby Kumana National Park beckons with its diverse flora and fauna.

Arugam Bay is also steeped in history, boasting ancient ruins and archaeological sites waiting to be explored. From the remnants of the Kudumpigala monarchy to other ancient relics scattered throughout the area, history buffs will find plenty to uncover in this coastal paradise.

With its blend of thrilling surf breaks, natural beauty, and cultural heritage, Arugam Bay captivates not only surfers but also nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking adventure and relaxation amidst the stunning landscapes of Sri Lanka’s southeast coast.