Journeying beyond the bustling cityscape of Kurunegala, a path leads into the heart of the countryside, where echoes of ancient kings resonate. Here lies Panduwasnuwara, a place steeped in legend and adorned with intriguing archaeological remnants. Central to its lore is the tale of Unmadha Chithra, although the true origins of the town’s name reveal a different narrative.

Unmadha Chithra, the daughter of Panduwasdheva, descends from royal lineage, boasting unparalleled beauty inherited from her mother, Baddhakachayana. As one traverses the road, flanked by humble abodes offering fresh fruits and vegetables from nearby gardens, the legend of Unmadha Chitra captures the imagination.

Following the union of Baddhacachayana with the illustrious king Panduwasudhewa, the couple is blessed with ten sons and a daughter, each embodying the radiant beauty of their mother. Yet, amidst the joy, a shadow of foreboding descends upon the royal household. Prophecies foretell that any son born to the princes would bring destruction upon his uncles, claiming the throne for himself.

In response to this ominous prophecy, King Panduwasudhewa resolves to seclude the princess in a solitary palace, known as the “ektamge,” far from the prying eyes of the world. The palace, with its ancient grandeur, bears testament to the regal lineage and warrior ethos of its inhabitants.

Dr. Senarath Paranavithana’s archaeological discoveries shed light on Panduwasnuwara’s enigmatic past, revealing a lost city concealed beneath the dense forest canopy. These ruins, a testament to the greatness of our ancestors and the philosophical depth of bygone eras, serve as a poignant reminder of our rich heritage.

As we contemplate the mysteries of Panduwasnuwara’s ancient ruins, we glimpse into the depths of our past, drawing inspiration for the journey ahead. Amidst the tranquil embrace of time-worn relics, the echoes of our ancestors’ aspirations and ingenuity resound, offering profound insights for the future.